10 Used Cars You Should Buy – #1 BMW M5

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The Best BMW M5 Ever Made

If there is a top 10 list of best used cars in the world, this would be on it. Heck try top 5. Ok, how about this – top 3!

Looking at the BMW e39 M5 now, we all can acknowledge the platform (e39) and the car (M5) is the best one BMW has made. The E39 platform was the BMW we all remembered and love – perfectly balanced, great engines, and no damn super-computers running the show. The e39 M5 then became the best M5 ever made.

BMW M5 engine

400hp from a V8-engine

Lets count the ways – a 400 hp V8 engine matched to a perfectly great 6-speed gearbox. Check. A great suspension and chassis for a 4-door sedan. Check. Creative comforts. Check. A serious driving machine even today. Yes. Thats the secret to the BMW M5. When new, it was a $80,000.00 USD sports sedan. Today you can pick a good version up for $20,0000.00 USD. With that, you get the performance, comfort, handling and power. Now for the bad news – you also get repair bills for a $80,000.00 when new car. So be careful when you buy a M5. Make sure its coming from an owner who can prove great ownership and more importantly records on all the things done on it. Finding the perfect e39 BMW M5 will get you a great car….PERIOD.

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