10 Used Cars You Should Buy – #2 Acura NSX

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The first everyday supercar from Honda

When Honda decided to build a supercar and start selling it in 1990, we now realize how good it was now. Now after 20 years and almost a decade since the last car came thru the production line, the Acura NSX is a hell of a car.

Featuring the world’s first all-aluminum monocoque body, double wishbones on all corners, a slick-shifting 5-speed and final handling tune performed by Ayrton Senna, the Acura NSX was Honda’s attempt at building an everyday supercar. The engine itself is a gem – all-alloy V6 made 270 HP and featured titanium connecting rods, it allowed the driver to rev to 8,000 RPM with total reliability. After all, this was still an Honda.

Today, the Acura NSX prices are rising and with the next generation of an NSX coming in, this car’s appeal and value should only rise.

Acura NSX

Acura NSX engine bay

Acura NSX Interior


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