2020 Tesla Roadster

2018 Tesla Roadster

Tesla Has Thrown Down The Supercar Gauntlet

Tesla announced their new electric Semi-Truck for the transportation industry but then stuck the crowd with a little surprise. Make it a superfast surprise. The original Tesla was a 2-seater sports car called the Roadster. Tesla has now updated that model with a new Tesla Roadster.

While the first Tesla was all about the proof of concept, this time around Tesla is throwing down the gauntlet to all supercar manufacturers like Ferrari and Lamborghini. The Roadster will be the fastest car on earth, going from 0-60 in 1.9 seconds and hitting 100 in just 4.2 seconds. Top speed is a mind-boggling 250 mph. And with the 3 electric motors working together it will have a full range of 620 miles.

The design on the outside is strictly Tesla but looks wider and more aggressive to match against the best supercars in the world. The interior is sparse and sleek like all Teslas and has a 2+2 arrangement. The interior comes with a rectangular steering wheel, new displays, and center console systems a Targa like top.

The rollout starts in 2020 but you can put money down for one now. MSRP will be $250,000.00 which is a deal considering anything with this capability from the other manufacturers run you a cool $1 million these days.

If you want something truly special, hop over to Tesla and pluck down your deposit today.

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