4 Ways the Porsche 911 is Overrated

ways the porsche 911 is over-rated


We all know about the Porsche 911 and the rear-engine layout. The Porsche 911 has a strong legion of fans who absolutely love the body shape, the rear-engine layout and especially the older generation air-cooled engines. But is the new Porsche 911 (991) overrated for what it is? A 50 year old designed (shape and genetic wise) car? Especailly compared to the prices Porsche dealers charge and compared to the other sports cars on the market? We think so and here are our 4 reasons:

1. Engine layout. Ok guys, we all know the 911 has a rear-engine layout but we also know thats not the best place to put the engine in a car. The most balanced handling for the car will have the engine mounted right in the middle – hence why all other exotic sports cars that kills the Porsche 911 has the engine in a mid-engine configuration. Cars like the Audi R8, sFerraris like the 458, Lambos and even’s Porsche’s best handling car – the Cayman – has the engine right smack in the middle. Due to the legacy and heritage of the 911, Porsche will never move the position of the engine from the back. Too bad.

2. Price. Do you know why a new Porsche 911 S base price is $99,000.00? That’s without the infamous Porsche options price creep. You can easily get the car out the door for $150,000.00 with options like crest logos on the seats, ceramic brakes, sport exhaust, etc. Why is this car costing that much? When Porsche had the sports car market to itself in the 80′s and 90′s, that was fine but for $100,000.00 today you now have a huge selection of sports cars that can match the qualities of the Porsche 911 or in some cases (cough cough, Audi R8 5.2) beat it.

3. PDK. Yes, everyone loves the PDK but not if its going to kill off the manual. Thats what happen with the Porsche GT3 991.

4. Porsche owners. Yes, now, we’ll talking about the owners here. How many of you guys think your Porsche 911 is the cat’s meow? Raise your hands now. Too bad the new Corvette can outrun and outgun your car for a fraction of the price.

There we have it. Our reasons why we think the Porsche 911 is overrated. What do you think?

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