Best Sports Cars Under $20,000.00 USD

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Our Picks as the best sports cars you can buy today under $20,000.00

Today is a good time to buy a used sports cars. There are so many great models that came out in the last 10-20 years and with the modern build of cars, these cars last longer then before. And the best part of buying a used sports car is that the appreciation has been totally sucked dried from their price. Usually if you buy a car at the right time (at the bottom), there will be some point where an appreciation will arise again, leaving you with a great used sports car that has increased in value. Recent cars like the BMW E30 M3 and the Porsche 993 has shown this to be the case.

We aren’t saying these current picks are going to rise in value anytime soon, but what we can tell you is you’ll be getting a hell of a sports car for under $20,000.00. And when brand new, these cars were at the top of their game and had top prices to match. So here are our picks:

BMW M3 E46

This is currently a no brainer. When new, the BMW E46 M3 was the best sports car/coupe on the market. Now 10 years later you can pick one up car for under $20k easily. When new these cars were over 50k. If you want a convertible, they are even cheaper. The pick of the liter is going to be the coupe with the manual. SMG on these cars were horrible and are going to be really really cheap for sale but our advice is to stay away from them. They were bad auto-clutches and will have tons of mechanical issues. What you should aim for is a 2002-2003 M3 E46 model with a bit under 90-100k miles on the odometer. Don’t be worried about the mileage, again these cars are built to last.

BMW M5 E39

BMW M5 e39
Yes, we know, this isn’t a sports car. But what you do have is a sports sedan. One of the best ever made and one that can easily beat today’s modern cars. What would you rather have – a Toyota Camry with 260 hp or for even less money a BMW M5 with 400 hp from a rip-roaring V8 mated to the most perfect manual and steering/suspension setup known to man (in a sedan). Yeah, I thought so. The BMW M5 E39 is considered the epitome of the M5 concept and its quite a bit of luck for you that you can buy one for 20k on the market today. Now here is the real story, while the car can be brought for 20k today or under today, you’re still buying a car that cost 80k when brand new so repairs will be expensive if you buy a used-up model. Look for a owner who has extensive records on the car and can show they took great care of this beast (yes thats what owners call this car – the “beast”). If you find a good one, you will be smiling every time you drive it.

Porsche Boxster S (986)

Porsche Boxster S (986)
This is the first generation Boxster we’re talking about. And not the standard one either but the Boxster S model that came with 250 hp (from 2000-2004). Now we know the Boxster isn’t a popular car on the used market and there are some mechanical issues we need to discuss, but on paper you are getting one of the best handling sports cars of its day. With its light weight and 250 hp, it moves. And with a mid-engine configuration, it has the perfect balance of a sports car. What’s the main issues with it? Well, no one was a great fan of the exterior look of the 986 Boxster S, as well as the as the same-generation 911 (996) models. And then there’s the issue of the dreaded IMS issue which can destroy the car’s engine. Yes, I mean destory – meaning your engine will be broken and it will cost thousands to replace. BUT with that said, you can get this car easily under 20k and spend a thousand more on a retrofit IMS fix that works perfectly for the 986 Boxsters and 996 911s. Both of these models had the dreaded IMS issue but with the fix you now will be driving one of the best handling sports cars of its time and with a soft-top to boot.

Porsche 968

Porsche 968 CS
The Porsche 968 is the forgotten child of Porsche from back in the 90’s. It was cancelled in 1995 to make way for the Boxster that came out 3 years later. But what you get in the Porsche 968 is the highest evolution of the 944 lineup. That means you get a robust 3.0 liter 4-cylinder engine that outputs to 240hp, mated to the most balanced chassis in a Porsche ever made. Thats not a false statement either – the 944 turbo, S2 and 968 were equal to the 911’s of its day on the track. And because of its limited numbers (only 3,000 were sent to the USA from 1992-1995), you get a very rare car for not much money. Porsche 968s can be had for 10k easily. You will be paying more for lower mileage cars and cars with the coveted M030 sport suspension option (bigger sway bars, bigger brakes). These cars are bullet proof and will last forever, plus you may be buying a car that is a prime candidate for appreciation due to its limited numbers. The only negative is that parts are harder to get due to the same reason.

We hope one of these cars tickle your fancy, and if so what are you waiting for?

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