BMW Driver Gets Mad and Runs Over Motorcycle Driver

BMW Driver runs over motorcycle driver on street
Sometimes its hard being a Motorcycle rider. Case in point is this road rage confrontation between a BMW driver and a Motorcyclist at a stop light. Let me say that we don’t see the full tape, so we don’t know what happened before the red light. But as the video stars, the Biker does two things to piss off the BMW Driver – 1. tell him to get off his phone and 2., drives his bike in front of the BMW car at the red light.

So people who don’t know, BMW drivers are douchebags. Normally drivers are nice but once we get into a BMW car, we are over-turned by the car’s DNA to drive and act like a douchebag to all others. I know this is true cause when I drive my BMW I notice I drive more like an asshole then say driving my Toyota Prius.

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