10 Used Cars You Should Buy – #3 BMW M Coupe

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The first cool M coupe

Back in the late 90’s BMW launched the weird but cool BMW M Roadster – based off the BMW Z3. In 1998 they made that car cooler by making it a hard top. Thus came the BMW M Coupe, a “shooting-brake” styled high-performance M car.

With the fixed top, the coupe became 3x stiffer then its convertible twin, and thus became a better handling car. And the shape was distinct and unique. Not other car at that time period could claim such a shape and performance.

In 2000, they replaced the standard M engine from the e36 M3 and added the new e46 M3 engine, which was the 3.2-litre S54 engine. This was the bad-ass engine that gave you 333hp and revved all the way up to a 8,000 RPM redline. The 2000-2002 is definitely the model to get if you are looking.

BMW M coupe

BMW M coupe in Estoril Blue

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