Can You Buy a Corvette Z06 for the Same Price as a Camry?

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When you think of the price of a Corvette and a Toyota Camry, naturally you think they’re not even in the same ballpark. Well, this may be true if your looking to buy a brand-spanking new ‘vette, but if you willing to take the C5 Corvette Z06 (2001-2004), then you can be driving an american beast for the same price as that little toy Toyota calls a “car”.

The Corvette Z06 C5 is monster of car. As a successor to the legendary ZR-1, the Z06 was a super-duper high-output, tune version of the standard LS1 Corvette engine. The Z06 produced 405 hp and was lighter then the standard Corvette as well.

C5 Corvette Zo6’s can be found online at sites such as ebay for the average price of $22,674. That ain’t to shabby for a car pushing out over 400 hp, for the price of a “car” that can maybe hit over 150 hp going downhill.

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