Don’t Understand the BMW M235i Coupe

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BMW will sell the BMW M235i Coupe, and I just don’t know why

The BMW-2 series is the latest version of the 1-series coupe that came out in 2008. The 1-series coupe had both a inline-6 and the twin-turbo N54/N55 engine that is familiar with most BMWs now. The new BMW 2 series consist of the 228i and the M235i. Both are turbo-charged cars, with the 228i coming with a turbo-charged inline4 and the M235i with the twin-turbo Inline6 engine.

But my focus is on the BMW M235i. It only comes in a ‘M’ performance setup, which usually means it has some extra body-kit panels, better steering and handling and interior ‘M’ parts including the M steering wheel. It also comes with 320 hp and over 320 lbs of torque. But this is what I don’t get. There is a car that comes with the same sort of package and its called the BMW 435i. Yes its bigger and the price is gonna be higher for an ‘M’ performance package but still, the M235i is at a base of $42,000.00 USD. And it weighs close to 3,500 hundred lbs. So a) its very expensive for what it is and b) is heavy for a smaller car. Note: the 435i is 3580 with an manual transmission.

So again I don’t understand why its here. If people want the performance of a twin-turo inline-6, get the 435i. Or heck get an year older 135is which has the same engine and setup basically – and its lighter and smaller. Or better yet, get a used e92 M3 which will basically tear a new ass off the M235i on the road or the track.

Price wise, the e92 M3 will be the same price on the used market as a brand new M235i loaded with options. A 435i is 5k more base price which I understand as being a big difference. But again, going second hand market to a BMW 135is, or BMW 335is or e92 M3, you can pay the same as a new M235i. So as you can see, this car makes no sense to me.

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