Is There a Need for a BMW M2?

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With the success of the M235i, is the M2 even necessary?

With the rave reviews that the BMW M235i is getting from the press and buyers, we need to question the future need for a BMW M2. Part of the issue is BMW. They have basically pimped out the ‘M’ name so much, its been diluted over the years. So what is ‘M’ in the BMW world now?

First there is a ‘M Sport’, which is BMW code for an interior or exterior only trim change. Basically M looking parts. Then there is the ‘M Performance’ label which means more then 1 thing. It can be various M parts including aero, drivetrain, chassis and other upgrades using M parts. Or it can be used as a BMW category for a sporting car version, which is how the BMW M235i is classified. Lastly there is the pure and single ‘M’ designation, which means these are the real M cars built by BMW M GmbH – BMW’s in-house motorsport division. These are the ones we always wanted.

But as you look at the recent BMW M235i, with a tuned engine and tweaks to the suspension and handling, would it really be necessary for an BMW M2? We think not. First off, if you need more performance then what the BMW M235i offers then you only need to find the BMW M3/M4. The current BMW M235i performance matches very closely to the now departed BMW 1M, which was deemed a ‘M’ car by BMW (even though it was made of leftover M parts by BMW GmbH). And then there is the price. If the difference between a current BMW M235i and a BMW 335i is $4,000.00 or less, then the BMW M2 would be close to $60,000.00 MSRP. That’s way too expensive for what the 2 series body is – an entry level platform. And at that price range you are now competing with some big fish like the Corvette Stingray or Mustang GT. No, we think its best for BMW to stop the M madness and just concentrate on the core M cars that we would like them to be improve on. Namely a lighter, smaller BWM M3; a better driving/handling BMW M5, and a world-class super-car in a BMW Mi8.

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