Keanu Reeves Drives the New Ferrari 488

Keanu Reeves tests Ferrari 488

I know Ferraris. Thats just want Keanu Reeves….aka Neo from the Matrix just said as he came out of a new Ferrari 488 GTB.

While people may think Keanu Reeves made some bad film choices, we at Elite Auto Report think he has become a strong actor in his own right. Come on…Neo from the Matrix. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Speed? Point Break? Classics. Just avoid his recent films like Wicker and 47 Ronin.

But little did we know that Keanu Reeves is sort of a speed freak and he likes Ferraris. Case in point, Keanu was caught at the Ferrari headquarters recently, taking in the sights and lapping the Fiorano circuit in a brand new 488 GTB. He finished up the trip with a tour of the company’s Classiche department where you see all the important Ferrari models.

Its not known if Keanu did place an order on the 488 GTB while he was at the headquarters. The Actor is a co-founder of a motorcycle company, and is known to prefer two-wheel transportation. He also owns only 2 cars – a vintage Volvo and a contemporary Porsche 911. So it will be cool if maybe for the next Speed sequel Keanu gets stuck in traffic with a Ferrari 488 GTB instead of a bus.

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