Man Drives Down Highway With Missile Hanging Out Of Car


Most people drive with dogs in the passenger seat of their car. And maybe, if you are a Saudi Oil King you might have cheetah in the front seat. However, one Florida man decided to drive the U.S. 1 with a 9-foot missile in the front passenger seat of his Volvo convertible.

The missile looks like to be an Israeli-built Shafrir-2 air-to-air projectile.  And thankfully this missile was only an artifact of the Six Day War of 1967.

A local business man by the name of Tom Madden acquired it from a widow whose husband won in it an auction sometime ago.

The only troubling discovery with this situation was not too many people called to report the missile to the authorities. Allegedly, Police officers saw the missile and did nothing, not even a curious pull-you-over.

And you would think with the President visiting near by authorities would be more alert. Looks like authorities nationwide are becoming more like the TSA–the TSA did just fail every explosive detection test nationwide after-all.



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