Man Plays Real-Life Grand Theft Auto With Stolen M3

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A man allegedly stole a $100,000 BMW M3 from a San Francisco dealership, totaled it, and was later arrested during a domestic dispute. If that doesn’t sound like your averageĀ Grand Theft Auto mission, then I don’t know what does.

This all started when the 37-year-old suspect broke into BMW of San Francisco dealership at around 5 a.m. When police responded to the alarms, the front of the dealership had smashed windows and misplaced cars, once again proving to be GTA inspired obviously.

Fast-forward five minutes, and the police respond to a hit and run call nearby involving a new redĀ BMW. Well, what do you know, the suspect crashed the car into a parked taxi cab. He of course fled the scene after.

Now, it’s 6:30 a.m., and a police officer responds to a domestic dispute between a man and a woman. The man detained fit the description of the earlier two crimes, and was then taken to San Francisco County Jail.

Not that I think playing violent video games correlates to real-life crime, but I do wonder if this particular individual is familiar with the notorious game franchise. If he is, then I sure hope he knows that he’s not getting out of this one with the “lower wanted stars” cheat code.

stolen bmw m3, bmw m3, bmw, m3, gta, grand theft auto

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