Man Takes Non-Amphibious Jeep For A Ride In The River, And Gets Swept Away


Jeeps are indeed 4 x 4, and made essentially for the great outdoors–climbing sand dunes and going off-roading on forestry trails and other outdoors treks that no Jeep owner ever actually does. But one Texas man has learned that Jeeps are no match for mother nature, and her ravaging flooding tears.

Flash floods are sinking the Houston and Galveston, Texas areas currently. And since the start of this storm, there have been more 19 people killed, and over 500 rescues.

No one has any idea what this man was thinking when he felt he could drive his Jeep through the raging flood. Other than that he has watched one too many Jeep commercials.

Obviously, this wasn’t the brightest idea. But according to witnesses, this lucky guy was able to escape with his life. Maybe he is related to the Bush family clan. That would certainly make us all feel so much better about this daring stupidity.

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