My Choices for 5 Best Non-911 Porsche Production Cars

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What are the best Porsche non-911 cars ever made?

The boys at Sport Car Guys did an interesting write up on the 5 best non-911 Porsche cars ever made. You can read it here. I decided to give my own take on the best Porsche out there without a engine located in the rear. So here is my take:

1. Porsche 944 Turbo S

Porsche 944 Turbo S
To be honest, if it wasn’t for the Porsche 911, everyone would have been buying the Porsche 944 Turbo, and Porsche would only be dealing with front-end water-cooled cars. Now history was different, and they cease to make the 944 in 1991 (and the Porsche 968 became the last ‘944’ in 1995). What made this Porsche so special. Well its not the plain 944 nor the regular Turbo. In 1988 Porsche released the Turbo S option with the regular 944 Turbos. For some extra coin you would get more hp (bumped up to 247), beefed up suspension, limited slip, bigger brakes and sway bars. Basically you had the fastest Porsche made at that time, next to the Porsche 911 Turbo. Plus it handled better then any Porsche. In 1989 Porsche just made every Turbo a Turbo S (so if you brought a 1989 Turbo, you got the Turbo S package standard). Even to this day, the Porsche Turbo S is a sought after car and still carries its weight again modern sports cars of today. To learn more about the 944 Turbo, see the Elite Auto Profile.

2. Porsche 968 Club Sport (CS)

Porsche 968 CS
Ok, so this car wasn’t even sold in the USA, but this was a beast. Basically it was the race version of the Porsche 968, the last version of the Porsche 944. The regular 968 was pretty good. A NA engine with 236 hp, coming from an enormous 3.0 V-4 engine. Refined bodywork to make it look more fitting in the 90’s. But then Porsche took the basic 968 and stripped out all the luxury items (weight) and made it 50kg lighter then the standard car, gave it obnoxious colors like screaming yellow, dropped down the suspension, etc. This then became a cult classic with Porsche drivers around the world. If you you can find one here, expect to pay a premium to own a great sports car from the 90’s.

3. Porsche 959

Porsche 959
Not really sure if this counts since its sort of like the 911, but if the Sports Car Guys put it in there, so will I.

4. Porsche Cayman S

Porsche Cayman S
The Porsche Cayman S, the mid-engine sports car from Porsche in 2006 will never get the respect from the Porsche 911 owners but basically Porsche created the best handling sports car in their modern fleet but held back the horsepower so it would not usurp the top of line model 911. This is the truth. You put the same hp in the Cayman S vs the 911, and 911 owners would go home crying.

5. Porsche 924 Sport

Porsche 924 Sport
When Porsche first came out with the 924, taken over from VW (who was originally going to release it), it was widely panned. But years later, in hind-sight, you can see the influence the 924 had on Porsche. Becoming the base for the 944, 968 and influencing Porsche today with the Cayenne, Panamerica and the new rumored Porsche 928. But what Porsche did with the 924 was create the Sport version, which was limited in number and had wider fenders which were the modern style of the later generation 944. If you got your hands on one of these babies, you would never look down on the 924 again.

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