Porsche 911 (993)

Porsche 993

A era came when Porsche decided to go to water-cooled engines (like the rest of the world). The last examples of the classic air-cooled Porsche 911 is the Porsche 993. In the USA from 1993 to 1997, the Porsche 993 today stands as the epitome of the classic Porsche 911 design and engineering.

To Porsche purist, the only true Porsche 911 is the air-cooled engines, and to the Porsche fan base, the best air-cooled model was the Porsche 993 which came in mulitple variations including C2, C4, C4S and the turbo. Even today the Porsche 993 Turbo pricing is at times worth more then a contemporary used 911 turbo.

After the re-fresh of the model with the previous Porsche 964, Porsche took the Porsch e993 to a next level in both performance and visuals. On the visual side, the car came back with the ‘flared’ fender look at Porsche owners love, and raked back the front headlights to produce a visually striking silhouette. Interior wise, it had the same legacy interior but now with added technologies of its day.

Performance of the Porsche 993

On the performance side, the stock air-cooled engine produced a healthy 282 hp (standard Porsche 993 C2), which in relation to is lightweight, made this car a great driving experience. With its wider stance and more horsepower/torque, this car absolutely files around a track. And once you go to the Porsche 993 turbo, we are now talking about a supercar of its day. The new turbocharged engine displacing 3.6 liters producing 408 hp. Twinturbochargers and air-to-air intercoolers, electronic engine management, redesigned cylinder heads and other modified engine internals were used. The 993 Turbo was the first Porsche Turbo with all wheel drive as well, allowing great grip and control. The electronic engine management helped the Turbo to achieve fuel efficiency far superior to any of the previous production Turbos.

Porsche 911 993 guards red

Buying a Porsche 993 Today

The Porsche 993 is a very desirable used Porsche, as can be seen the used car market. Most good condition Porsche 993 C2 goes for $30,000.00 and can go all the way to the $100,000.00 range for a mint condition Porsche 993 turbo. Not only are they desired for being the last generation air-cooled cars but they have now gotten the reputation of being ‘bullet-proof’ cars to own.

Buyer's Guide Porsche 993

Verdict: The Porsche 993 is a great Porsche 911 to own as a first or as a collectors car.

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