Porsche 968

Porsche 968

The Ultimate Evolution of the Porsche 944 Series – the Porsche 968

The Porsche 968 was the last iteration of the classic front-engine race cars from Porsche. This was the ultimate evolution of the 924/944 platform, which was the ultimate symbol of Porsche’s front-engine sports car from the 1980’s. Released in 1992 in the USA, and based off the Porsche 944s2 framework, the Porsche 968 leveraged both improvements internally as well as externally from their lesser brethren. Despite being some of the least-expensive Porsches around, these cars offer excellent handling, a comfortable ride, all-around practicality, solid reliability, and a powerful engine. They’re seriously fun to drive, too.

This car had at its time, the largest naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder motor the world has ever seen. With 236 hp and an healthy amount of natural torque, the Porsche 968 became the non-turbo turbo. And with the latest technologies from Porsche in the 1990’s, it has the latest improvements to the 944 framework.

Performance like the Turbo

The Porsche 968 when it came out was a very expensive car. And it was competing against its brothers in the Porsche 911 (993) and the Porsche 928. The Porsche 968 carried over all the familiar design language going on with Porsche including the flared fenders and the pop-up headlights. Compared to Turbo, the body was very much the same except for a wing spoiler in the back. For performance, the Porsche’s 968 engine was slower then the classic Porsche 944 Turbo S, but had the same great handling and ride that the other cars had. If buyers went with the M030 sports suspension option, this car would have made a great track car as well. The Porsche 968 came as both a sports coupe and a cabriolet model (which also came with the dreaded Porsche Tiptronic Automatic).

Porsche 968 in guards red

Buying a Porsche 968 Today

Due to its limited numbers, the Porsche 968 is a hard car to buy on the used market. And not as popular as the Porsche 944 Turbo and Turbo S that came before it. But due to the fact it was the latest model from Porsche on the 944 platform and had the NA motor, the Porsche 968 has become a more reliable care then the Porsche 944 Turbo at this point in its life to own. And due to the fact it is still one of the best handling Porsche’s ever built, makes a great car for track duty.

Verdict: The Porsche 968 is under-appreciated but still has its own charm.

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