Porsche Like the Hulk – Smashes into LAX and Hurts 3

Hulk Porsche Smash LAX

A 2015 Porsche Panamera Sports Sedan lost control and crashed into a wall at the terminal at Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport. The driver was driving along but got the Porsche really mad. Like the Hulk, the Porsche got mad and became angry. It then tried to smash things.

All kidding aside a little girl was hurt as she was on the sidewalk as was two others. The early reports is that the driver, a 67-year old man (who may be taking Viagra) mistook the gas pedal for the brakes as he was dropping off his passenger.

“All indications [are] saying that he probably mistook the gas pedal for the brake in the vehicle when he was dropping off a passenger here at Terminal 7, United Airlines,” LAPD Sgt. Roy Ceja said.

Check out the news report.

[Source: CBS News]


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