Porsche vs Tank on the Highway – Who Wins?

Porsche vs tank on highwayTalk about Fast and the Stupid. We all been on the highway in bumper to bumper traffic. But imagine you live in China and you just don’t want to obey the laws. And you drive a fancy bright yellow Porsche Cayman and you just want to race. Anybody. Anything. You watched every Fast and the Furious movie. You see the last one 10x on your bootlegged DVD from the corner (its China remember).

So as you move bumper to bumper, you want to play chicken with the vehicle next to you. It just happens to be a Tank – something called the PLL05 Self Propelled 120 Mortar tank from the People’s Republic of China. You want the same spot – whoops you crash. Now imagine this really really happened – in China. Here are the results. A Cayman stuck on the highway cause it happened to crash side to side with a tank. Who’s fault is it? Who knows. But seriously how the f#$% do you hit a tank on the highway with your Porsche.

As I say, if you can’t drive the car, don’t sit behind the wheel.

Porsche vs tank on highway

Porsche vs tank on highway

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