Porsche’s 911 Selling out to be Standard Turbos Starting in 2016

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Over the past month or so, it’s been rumored and discussed that Porsche will be downsizing their 911 engines to all be standard turbocharged (with execption to the GT3 and GT3 RS of course). Well Porsche has confirmed that this will happen, and legendary racing driver Walter Röhrl gave out some details and his opinion about the major move.

Röhrl spoke at an event in Sweden, and said that testing has begun for the new 991 and its smaller engine. He was able to test drive them, and gave some insight to the new engines. The base 911 Carrera will have a 2.7-liter turbo flat six, and the Carrera S will receive a 3.0-liter turbo flat six.

Obviously this is quite a drop from the current Carrera 3.4-liter six, and the S’s 3.8-liter six. This is of course following the trend of elite automakers downsizing their engines and slapping on turbos to them, most notably BMW’s “M” line, to better meet economic regulations and market reach. True Porsche enthusiasts and fans probably aren’t going to be to enthralled with this, as many believe the Porsche experience is because of its naturally-aspirated engines.

Some good news is that at least no power will be lost. The 2.7-liter engine will have about 350-hp, while the 3.0-liter will boast about 430-hp, which actually is a 30-hp increase from today’s Carrera S. Röhrl however commented on the obvious by saying, “But no matter how good a turbo engine is, it can never have the pure response of a naturally aspirated engine. This is the reason I bought a Boxster Spyder, because engines like this won’t be made anymore.”

It’s a sign of the times, the day’s we’re living in now. I’m placing my faith in that the always-reliable engineers at Porsche will create a 911 that will still give the driver the same reason to buy the classic 911, without sacrificing too much. Or you can just buy a Cayman GT4, only time will tell.

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