Self-Parking Volvo Almost Runs Over Two Men


A Volvo XC60 fails it’s unofficial self-automated driving test when it almost runs over two men in the Dominican Republic. Luckily these two gentlemen escaped the accident injury free.

Volvo has blamed the driver for the self-automated accident that took place in the tropical Dominican Republic.  Apparently the driver was testing out the pedestrian detection and auto-braking function. However, the driver forgot that he needed the upgraded version of the XC60 for the “Pedestrian Detection Functionality,” which costs more money.

According to Volvo Spokesperson Jonathan Larsson, “The Volvo XC60 comes with City Safety as a standard feature however this does not include the Pedestrian Detection Functionality.”

The “City Safety” feature is only for stop-and-go traffic, and it prevents the driver from rear-ending other cars while driving under 30 MPH.

Hopefully, the driver buys the upgraded version, or there will be a lot of hurt pedestrians if not. And for these two gents, test dummies were created for a reason.

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