The New BMW 7 Series Is The Future Of Luxury


BMW has finally caught up to the Mercedes Benz S Class with their new 7 series. As we all know, Mercedes Benz has been a leader in the luxury automobile category with their S500.

But the new 7 Series uses new technology and engineering advancements  to stand out.

The chassis is made out of blend of steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum. The roof is made completely out of carbon fiber, allowing engineers to create a lower center of gravity for the car. And as well, this new found center of gravity will allow better handling and stability around corners.

The famous BMW “kidney grille’s” give the 7 Series a whole new look. The “kidney grilles” feature automatic shutters that provide additional engine cooling when necessary. And also, the shutters close when cooling isn’t necessary to provide better aerodynamics.

Inside the car, BMW has installed a whole new high tech cabin–the iDrive 5.0 infotainment system. The infotainment system comes with gesture control. Using 3D sensors, your hands can now control certain functions within the cabin, such as rotating your finger allows you to control the radio volume up and down. Or for accepting phone calls, you just point your finger at the screen. And to decline the call, you swipe right with your finger in front of the screen.

The cabin comes with a new heads-up display. The display projects onto the windshield, similar to the technology that is found in military jet fighter pilot helmets.

The key to the 7 Series now comes with a built-in touch display. The key governs BMW’s Remote Control Parking system. This autonomous parking system allows the driver to move the car forwards into or reverse out of parking spaces while standing outside.


Also, BMW has decided to maximize the use of tablets. The 7 Series comes with a 7 inch tablet that control the functions of the car–lighting, radio volume, climate control.

BMW truly separated from the competition by embracing technology. Using the latest technological advancements to create comfort, and enhance usability.

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