The Rock and Furious: Possible Spinoff Movie May be in the Works

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For all the Fast and Furious fans out there, it’s no surprise that an eighth film will probably happen. With the success of the latest installation of the franchise kicking the box office’s ass, it was bound to happen with or without Paul Walker.

Although the series will be awkwardly weird with an unexplained reason as of why the main character of ‘Bryan’ isn’t going to be on the screen, but to maybe fill that void, everyone’s favorite jacked-up super cop DSS agent Luke Hobbs will for sure be there to lay down the law. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is confirmed to be part of the newest film in the series, as he commented at a press conference for his upcoming movieĀ San Andreas.

Most importantly though, Johnson hinted of a potential spinoff film about Agent Hobbs saying, “I just had a big conversation with the studio, so we’ll see. I still think for me personally, we create a little bit of space from seven and gauge what the audience will want and go from there. That’s my take on it. Now a lot of other people have their own say”. This film is far from being green lit, but who doesn’t love seeing The Rock kick ass. Have you ever smelled what the guy is cooking?

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