Top Gear reviews both BMW F80 M3 and new i8

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Our favorite British car reviewers of the hit show Top Gear have chosen to review the new BMW F80 M3 and i8. Of course these two vehicles are like comparing apples and oranges, but we know Jeremy Clarkson will make any comparison like this interesting.

Obviously, there’s been a lot of negative commentary with the new M3. This of course comes from the debated downgrade of the naturally aspirated V8 of the previous model, to the now inline-6 turbocharged engine of the F80. This mainly is for economic reasoning, as BMW is following the trend of most elite automakers switching to smaller block turbo engines to save fuel.

This brings us to the other topic of this video/review. The new hybrid powered i8. Clarkson jokes on how a three cylinder 1.5-liter hybrid would possibly excite him, but when it’s 352 hp things change.

Watch as Clarkson has to make a life-changing decision on which of the two cars he prefers.

Clarkson sums it up best when he makes the metaphor that the M3 is the best of where we come from, and the i8 is where we’re going. He later does note that he found many kinks in the i8, such as some design flaws and he was only averaging around 31 mpg, which is not what the manufacturer has stated.

What I gained most from this is that the days of the roaring big blocked engines pouring out power on top of power are numbered, as we all know. But if the elite automakers of the world are going to be adapting to hybrid and electrical car technology such as the i8, well then there is hope left for the true enthusiast who will forever love the rush of the drive. The future looks bright.

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