V12 Lamborghini Countach Drifts Like A Skyline


If you ever find yourself behind the steering wheel of V12 Lamborghini Countach, don’t be afraid to take that bad boy for a ride. Contrary to popular belief, these large heavy cars are driftable.

The V12 Lamborghini Countach was known for pioneering the angled wedge shape design that is popular amongst sports cars. And as well, this car pioneered the “cabin-forward” design concept-pushing the car’s cabin forward to create more space for the engine.

But this classic has a few design flaws that make it extremely hard to drive. Besides that it has a V12 engine, the Countach has an extremely heavy clutch which makes it almost impossible to drive. And not to mention, the giant tail fin might disrupt your rear-view window sight.

Check out the video below to see a V12 Lamborghini Countach rip a track.


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