Watch when a Lexus IS-F tries to be Superman

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Flying cars may be a thing of the future (think Jetsons), but lets just say we are not there yet. Unfortunately Bahrain’s EKanoo racing team didn’t think of adding extra drag and downforce when they made a 3,000 HP Lexus IS-F.

Their model was built for drag-racing, and as it was racing at the Bahrain International Circuit when it mistaked it for an airport runway. Obviously an IS-F of this caliber takes some special parts, and according to EKanoo’s website this features, “Methanol burning custom Pat Musi 649 cubic inch aluminum v8 with twin Precision pro mod 91 Turbochargers feeding air through Precision Turbo PT3000 charge air cooler . It utilizes a Neal Chance Torque Converter to deliver the power to the ground by way of the Rossler TH400 Gearbox”.

You would think that during testing they would notice the front feeling very light, and maybe to add more than just a screwed-on rear-spoiler, but hey I’m no expert right? I think the guys at EKanoo might want to retake their basic physics class again before trying again.

Luckily the driver walked away unharmed and in good health, so at least they got the safety features down.

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